Man's Shirt Make Over

Hello everyone,
Have you ever given something a try not really expecting it to work out? I have, and usually I was right :)
This time however, it did! Well enough for me to actually wear lol. But when you don't expect something to work you don't usually take pictures of the process... Or at least, I don't :)
There are some more thrifted shirts in my closet in dire need of pimping, so for any future projects I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures :)

man's shirt make over
man's shirt make over

man's shirt make over
New buttons, the top part of the collar removed
and 6 pintucks on either side of the front
man's shirt make over
5 larger pintucks in the back

man's shirt make over
The cuff was made smaller, the pleat and
extra fabric gathered for a poofier look :)
In case you've seen the sewing patterns I posted (here and here) you may be wondering why I don't start from scratch with my own clothes?
The reason is I can't get a pattern to look right on me to save my life. So now you know... :)

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