A "Thank You" Blackwork Fill Pattern :)

A thank you to everyone who visits this blog, has posted a link to Imaginesque on forums and blogs, and especially to Lila, who posted my first ever comment, and Shirley, the very first follower of this blog!
Thank you all!!! :)

free thank you blackwork fill pattern
Thank You Fill Pattern
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Ombre Ric Rac-esque Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Unfortunately, I didn't have the right colours to create a more visible ombre effect, but I hope you get from the pattern what it's supposed to look like

free ombre ric rac friendship bracelet pattern
Ombre FB detail

free ombre ric rac friendship bracelet pattern
Ombre FB Pattern
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I realise it looks like there are knots missing in this pattern, and basically there are, but when I tried it with the expected number of knots the edges became to pointy and this way it looks more like ric rac :)
It's all pretty straight forward, the only thing I feel I should mention is that when you're working with the lightest colour, you make three forward knots, a backward forward knot with the middle colour on top of the lightest, and then immediately start working towards the left with the lightest colour. After that you continue with the darkest colour, making a backward forward knot on the middle colour, and then make four backward knots with the middle colour, working towards the left.
Enjoy :)


Bow Tie Friendship Bracelet Pattern

I admit it's a bit of a stretch, but it does sorta, kinda, when you squint your eyes, and in a certain light, look slightly like a bow tie :)

free bow tie friendship bracelet pattern
Bow Tie FB

free bow tie friendship bracelet pattern
Bow Tie FB detail
(please click to enlarge)

This pattern has six working threads, but only two are actually used to knot with. All the threads had the same colour, but I thought it would make the pattern clearer if the "inactive" threads had a lighter colour.
Again, this one is very simple: you start in the middle with a forward knot, then you make two backward knots with the left tail of the thread, a forward knot on that last "inactive" thread, and a forward knot on the second inactive thread on the left so you end up in the middle of the pattern again. With the right tail of the thread you made you first knot with, you do the same thing, but working your way to the right. So two forward knots and working to the middle again with two backward knots. In the middle you join these threads with a forward knot and repeat the steps as described above.
free bow tie friendship bracelet pattern
Bow Tie FB Pattern
(please click to enlarge)
The good thing about this pattern is that, since four of the working threads are "inactive", their size doesn't really change, so these can be cut to the length of the bracelet, with a bit extra for the ends that are used to tie the bracelet round your wrist with.
The bad thing is that the knots can slide up and down because of all those inactive threads. But you can of course turn that to your advantage by sliding the knots all the way up, to get rid of the holes. Or slide them all the way down and expose the inactive threads and make the bracelet look lacey.
Have fun :)


Criss Cross Friendship Bracelet Pattern

I thought I had used a pattern to make this one, but I remembered I had started off with too few working threads for the pattern I had picked out, so I kind of made things up as I went along...

free criss cross friendship bracelet pattern
A very blurry picture of the Criss Cross FB
(please click to enlarge)
As you can see it consists of two patterns that have been mixed up, although you are of course free to use one or the other for an entire bracelet. I hope the patterns speak for themselves this time :)

free criss cross friendship bracelet pattern
The pattern for the dots

free criss cross friendship bracelet pattern
The actual Criss Cross part of the pattern
(please click to enlarge)
The top blue dot in the large pattern is part of the first pattern, I just put it there so it's easier (hopefully!) to see the transition between both patterns. The same applies for the last pink knots on the large pattern. If you weren't confused before, I bet you are now... :) Have fun!


Ric Rac-esque Friendship Bracelet Pattern

This one is pretty much the same as the Wayward Edges FB, with just one tiny difference: the top of the edges is formed by a forward backward knot on the right side (backward forward knot on the left), instead of 1 forward knot and one backward knot on the same thread. Don't worry, it's really not as complicated as I make it sound...

free friendship bracelet ric rac pattern
Ric Rac- esque FB detail
(please click to enlarge)

free friendship bracelet ric rac pattern
Ric Rac-esque FB pattern
(please click to enlarge)
So with this pattern too, you start on the left and use your first working thread to make three forward knots, one on each following thread, working your way to the right. Then take the next working thread on the far left and repeat this. Next, you take the first thread on the far left and make two forward knots and one forward backward knot, followed by two backward knots so you end up back on the left again. Now take the first working thread on the far right and make three backward knots. After that, take the thread on the far right to make two backward knots and one backward forward knot. After that you basically keep repeating these steps until your bracelet is the size you want. Hope I've explained it clearly enough, but in any case, have fun :)


Wayward Edges Friendship Bracelet Pattern

A very simple pattern, with only four working threads. I like the way the pointy edges stand up and add a bit of texture.

free friendship bracelet wayward pointy edges
Wayward Edges FB

free friendship bracelet pattern wayward pointy edges close up
Close up of those wayward edges
(please click to enlarge

I really hope the diagram I made isn't too hard to follow, but you basically start with the thread on the left (in this case the dark pink one). You make a forward knot on each of the following threads (a total of three knots). Then you take the next thread on the left (the pale pink) and make three forward knots (one on each of the following threads). That third knot will be on the tread that you made the previous row of knots with! Again, you take the next tread on the left (dark pink) and make three forward knots. Now, with that same thread you make a backward knot on the pale pink thread you made your last forward knot on. Make two more forward knots so your working thread ends up on the left side of your bracelet again. Next, you take the pale pink thread on the far right and made three backward knots. And, you guessed it, now you take the dark pink from the far right and make three backward knots, then a forward knot on that same last pale pink thread and two more forward knots to work your way to the right again. And so on, and so on... :)

free friendship bracelet pattern wayward edges
Wayward Edges FB Pattern
(please click to enlarge)
If these edges are a bit too wayward for your liking I'm sure some heavy books or an electric iron will help bring them into submission :) Have fun!


Diamonds Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Nope, not the kind of diamonds Marilyn Monroe sang about I'm afraid...

free friendship bracelet pattern diamonds
FB with diamonds

free friendship bracelet pattern diamonds close up
Close-up look of the diamonds pattern
(please click to enlarge)

It's a very simple pattern, but if you've never made a knotted bracelet, the next two websites have great tutorials: Friendship-Bracelets and How-to-Make-Jewelry

free friendship bracelet pattern diamonds
Actual Pattern
(please click to enlarge)
I hope the pattern makes sense, enjoy :)


My First Hardbound Book

After making a few exposed-spine notebooks, I wanted to try making a hardbound book, with sewn endbands, rounded spine, endpapers, in other words: the lot :)
I learned loads from watching the videos by this kind gentleman, and there are so many!
And this is the end result:
miniature hardbound book
My first hardbound book
 It turned out okay, nothing mind-blowing, with some flaws here and there, but there's one thing I really like about it: the entire text block consists of 1 sheet of A4 paper.
Which means the book is tiny :)
I wanted to see if it would be possible to make a book out of a single sheet of paper, and it turns out it is!
I have a few Tonner dolls, which are 16 inches (about 40 centimetres) tall, so I thought it would be cool to make the book fit their size. And it worked, I think :)

tonner doll reneé devereaux miniature book
Reneé Devereaux trying to read a book without words...
 I don't expect everyone to be familiar with Tonner dolls, so here's a picture with a standard size paperclip :)
miniature hardbound book paper clip
Size: 4x2.7x1 centimetres


My First Friendship Bracelets

I used to think these bracelets were really complicated to make: how wrong was I?!
Figuring mercerised cotton would be easier to start with than embroidery floss I pulled out some skeins and started knotting, using the tutorials and patterns I found on a site called Friendship-Bracelets.

friendship bracelets
My first friendship bracelets ever...
I like working with the mercerised cotton so much, I doubt I'll be switching to embroidery floss. It's slightly thicker so a bracelet is finished quicker and with about 125 metres a skein to only 8 metres per skein of embroidery floss it's relatively cheap, so it's no big deal if you mess up a bracelet (or two). Not that I'd know from experience of course...
The only drawback using mercerised cotton could be that it seems to get fuzzy after you've been knotting for a while. Although that might depend on the quality of your cotton: I also made a bracelet using a different kind (one I remember being more expensive) and it stayed smooth from start to finish.
These bracelets have made me want to try and make my own patterns. Now that IS complicated... ;)


Another Small Notebook

Made from leftover printer paper, recycled cardboard and some crumpled up kraftpaper. Also the first time I sewed around cord and made sewn headbands(!), thanks to the wonderful videos by this lovely lady.

notebook kraftpaper sewn cords endbands

notebook sewn headbands
Sewn Headbands
(just wish the pic was clearer...)
Clicking the pictures will enlarge them, but sadly it won't make them less out of focus... ;)


Blackwork Fill Pattern

Have fun :)
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free blackwork fill pattern
Fill Pattern


Blackwork Blocky Fill Pattern

Have fun :)
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free blackwork blocky fill pattern
Blocky Fill Pattern


Blackwork Flowery Fill Pattern

There's quite a big break between this post and the previous one, hopefully this new pattern will make up for it ;)
Enjoy, and als always: please click image to enlarge :)

free blackwork flowery fill pattern
Flowery Fill Pattern