Ombre Ric Rac-esque Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Unfortunately, I didn't have the right colours to create a more visible ombre effect, but I hope you get from the pattern what it's supposed to look like

free ombre ric rac friendship bracelet pattern
Ombre FB detail

free ombre ric rac friendship bracelet pattern
Ombre FB Pattern
(please click image to enlarge)
I realise it looks like there are knots missing in this pattern, and basically there are, but when I tried it with the expected number of knots the edges became to pointy and this way it looks more like ric rac :)
It's all pretty straight forward, the only thing I feel I should mention is that when you're working with the lightest colour, you make three forward knots, a backward forward knot with the middle colour on top of the lightest, and then immediately start working towards the left with the lightest colour. After that you continue with the darkest colour, making a backward forward knot on the middle colour, and then make four backward knots with the middle colour, working towards the left.
Enjoy :)

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