Bow Tie Friendship Bracelet Pattern

I admit it's a bit of a stretch, but it does sorta, kinda, when you squint your eyes, and in a certain light, look slightly like a bow tie :)

free bow tie friendship bracelet pattern
Bow Tie FB

free bow tie friendship bracelet pattern
Bow Tie FB detail
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This pattern has six working threads, but only two are actually used to knot with. All the threads had the same colour, but I thought it would make the pattern clearer if the "inactive" threads had a lighter colour.
Again, this one is very simple: you start in the middle with a forward knot, then you make two backward knots with the left tail of the thread, a forward knot on that last "inactive" thread, and a forward knot on the second inactive thread on the left so you end up in the middle of the pattern again. With the right tail of the thread you made you first knot with, you do the same thing, but working your way to the right. So two forward knots and working to the middle again with two backward knots. In the middle you join these threads with a forward knot and repeat the steps as described above.
free bow tie friendship bracelet pattern
Bow Tie FB Pattern
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The good thing about this pattern is that, since four of the working threads are "inactive", their size doesn't really change, so these can be cut to the length of the bracelet, with a bit extra for the ends that are used to tie the bracelet round your wrist with.
The bad thing is that the knots can slide up and down because of all those inactive threads. But you can of course turn that to your advantage by sliding the knots all the way up, to get rid of the holes. Or slide them all the way down and expose the inactive threads and make the bracelet look lacey.
Have fun :)

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