Beading: 3D Wavy Star Thingy Pattern...

Needless to say I'm rubbish at coming up with design names lol.
The pattern was made over a year ago, but I never got round to taking pictures (read: I  kept putting off taking pictures...).
The lovely geometric beadwork of Kate McKinnon and Jean Power made me want to try it out for myself and this design was the result.
(Please click images to enlarge, and click the "Read more" link below for more pictures and the pattern.)
free 3D beading pattern
Top view
free 3D beading pattern
Bottom view

free 3D beading pattern
Another view of the bottom
It's not very hard to make, but since the points tend to stick out in all kinds of directions it can feel a bit awkward. Having the points going in alternating directions (1 up, 1 down and so on) as soon as the work allows it makes it easier to handle. The centre seems to determine what the best direction is for each point, but you can always check this once your finished, since the object will remain flexible. The type of thread will most likely influence how structured the object feels, I just used invisible sewing thread (because that's what I had...), other thread types will probably lead to different results in rigidity/flexibility.  

free 3D beading pattern
Two elements combined

free 3D beading pattern

free 3D beading pattern
Some added lines for clarity (I hope...)
With more elements it could be turned into a bracelet or necklace, and for different shapes 5 tips could be strung together. There's probably lots of other things you could do with it, but the only other thing I can think of right now are Christmas ornaments lol. 
free 3D beading pattern
part 1 of 2

free 3D beading pattern
part 2 of 2

I hope the pattern isn't too confusing, I hadn't realised I used blue for the pairs of beads in the first part of the instructions, and various colours in the next. Sorry about that...
free 3D beading pattern
Pattern in black and white, if you would like to add a colour motif
Have fun with it, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment :)


  1. Thank You very much for your designs, I was looking for a few hand quilting patterns (cutting & pasting to a word doc) when I closed the doc.. it was 178 pages long!!!!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      You're very welcome :)
      Wow, 178 pages?! lol
      I save everything as separate images, that way I'm less aware of what space hoggers they are ;)