Free Top Sewing Pattern, Long Overdue...

imaginesque free sewing patterns

imaginesque free sewing patterns
My totally unflattering
drawing of this top
First up, a big thank you to Kathleen Fasanella, of Fashion Incubator, for kindly allowing me to use her wonderful centered zip method in the sewing instructions.
A big thank you also to the ladies of Crafterhours, for their lovely all-in-one facings tutorial.

This has taken me much, much longer than I anticipated, but better late than never I guess...
The pattern is available in 4 sizes: 36, 38, 40 and 42. Apparently sizes aren't as standardised as I thought, so it was really difficult to find what the UK and US sizes are for these, but here are the bust measurements I used:

  • size 36: 84cm + 6cm ease = 90cm    (33.07 + 2.4 = 35.47 inches)
  • size 38: 88cm + 6cm ease = 94cm    (34.65 + 2.4 = 37.05 inches)
  • size 40: 92cm + 6cm ease = 98cm    (36.22 + 2.4 = 38.62 inches)
  • size 42: 96cm + 6cm ease = 102cm  (37.8   + 2.4 = 40.2   inches)
The top measures roughly 25cm (9.8 inches) from the waist down.

The pattern uses seam allowances that are in centimetres, but the pattern has a printable sewing machine gauge that can be attached to your throat plate. I hope that will help :)
imaginesque free sewing patterns
Back and front of the top

The first thing (and probably not the last...) I have to apologise for is the use of notch markings (or lack there of). I had a hard time figuring out what the proper placement would be, so I placed lines on each and every corner and sticky-out bit. 

I have made an example of where I think they might go, but be careful and use it at your own risk... ;)

imaginesque free sewing patterns
The red lines indicate where I think the snip marks might go
Please click the "read more" link to... erm, well, read more...

You have the option to make this top with facings or with bias tape, I made the facings into separate PDF's, which won't affect the amount of paper you'll need negatively though.
You'll find how much bias tape to use in the sewing instructions.
The facing pieces have been drafted slighty smaller at the neckline and armhole than the outside of the top, this should help prevent them from peeking out after sewing.
Also please note that the back neck facings do not have a seam allowance at the centre back!
This allows them to be sewn the way Kathleen Fasanella describes in her centered zip tutorial.

I hope you'll find the sewing instructions clear enough, feel free to leave a question in the comments section should you have one :)
If you prefer not to print out the instructions and just want to read them on your computer screen, the easiest way is to right-click the image and open it in a new window/tab page.
imaginesque free sewing patterns
Page 1 of 4
imaginesque free sewing patterns
Page 3 of 4
imaginesque free sewing patterns
Page 2 of 4

Page 4 of 4
The sewing instructions also include how to print, cut and assemble the patterns.

Click the link with the pattern size you want to use, download it to your computer and open and print it in Adobe Reader.

PDF Top Pattern Size 36          PDF Top Facings Pattern Size 36

PDF Top Pattern Size 38          PDF Top Facings Pattern Size 38

PDF Top Pattern Size 40          PDF Top Facings Pattern Size 40

PDF Top Pattern Size 42          PDF Top Facings Pattern Size 42

Update: for variations please click the following links


  1. What a nice pattern! Happy to learn that you are a model size :-) I have to change the pattern to a larger size..
    Thanks, have a nice evening.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)
      As to me being a model size; I wouldn't be able to fit in any of these sizes to save my life! lol
      I intend to do a larger range of sizes, but since this is only my first sewing pattern, I figured I'd start with only a few. I have no idea if people will even like the designs, and, more importantly, the end result if they actually use the patterns. Or even if the patterns and instructions make enough sense lol.
      What size would you be interested in? Or, if that would be easier, which bust width?
      With kindest regards,

  2. Bravo !!!

    1. Thank you, Muriel, and thank you also for the link back to my cross stitch bears :)