Sewing: Adding a Patch Pocket to the Top Pattern

free sewing pattern
Top with patch pocket
Another variation for the free top pattern, a patch pocket this time. Probably not very compatible with the previous variation, but then again perhaps it is? :)

The pocket has a self facing and a lining and is attached to the garment with topstitching.

Please click the "Read more" link for the pattern pieces, sewing instructions and some stitch examples.

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The finished pocket is about 22x13.75cm. I've added a 1cm square to the pattern to check the measurements, although with a patch pocket the size isn't really vital :)
After printing, cut out the pattern pieces within the black line to ensure both pieces will fit together.

free sewing pattern
Pocket outer piece
with 1cm seam allowance
free sewing pattern
Pocket inner piece (lining)
with 1cm seam allowance

  • Wash and iron your fabric in advance
  • interface if desired
  • seams are sewn with 1cm seam allowance

free sewing pattern

  • Sew the opening shut with a ladder stitch. (instructions on Sew It, Love It)
  • Match up the centre of your finished pocket with the centre of the garment, and place the top of the pocket 12.5cm (5') below the bust seam line. 
  • Top stitch in place and you're done! :)

You can make the pocket as minimalist or as elaborate as you like, with additional stitching and/or embroidery. Some can be done after sewing the pocket and before attaching it to the top, but most should be done before attaching the lining.
free sewing pattern
No extra stitching; one line 3.5cm down from the top; previous
plus right at the edge

free sewing pattern
Double lines; five lines in a row;, 2 horizontal and 10 vertical lines

free sewing pattern
10 vertical and double horizontal lines; zig zag line; previous plus double horizontal lines

free sewing pattern
Crossed zig zag lines; previous plus double horizontal lines; scrolls

free sewing pattern
Curls; diagonal grid; previous with horizontal line at top edge and at 3.5cm from top
There are loads more possibilities, but you get the idea...
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.
Have fun :)

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