Wayward Edges Friendship Bracelet Pattern

A very simple pattern, with only four working threads. I like the way the pointy edges stand up and add a bit of texture.

free friendship bracelet wayward pointy edges
Wayward Edges FB

free friendship bracelet pattern wayward pointy edges close up
Close up of those wayward edges
(please click to enlarge

I really hope the diagram I made isn't too hard to follow, but you basically start with the thread on the left (in this case the dark pink one). You make a forward knot on each of the following threads (a total of three knots). Then you take the next thread on the left (the pale pink) and make three forward knots (one on each of the following threads). That third knot will be on the tread that you made the previous row of knots with! Again, you take the next tread on the left (dark pink) and make three forward knots. Now, with that same thread you make a backward knot on the pale pink thread you made your last forward knot on. Make two more forward knots so your working thread ends up on the left side of your bracelet again. Next, you take the pale pink thread on the far right and made three backward knots. And, you guessed it, now you take the dark pink from the far right and make three backward knots, then a forward knot on that same last pale pink thread and two more forward knots to work your way to the right again. And so on, and so on... :)

free friendship bracelet pattern wayward edges
Wayward Edges FB Pattern
(please click to enlarge)
If these edges are a bit too wayward for your liking I'm sure some heavy books or an electric iron will help bring them into submission :) Have fun!

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