Something I Made :)

Hello everyone,
One of my plans for this year is to actually make use of some of my patterns. To be honest, I made this particular one sometime last year, but I intend to do more of them in 2015.
free embroidery patterns

You can find the original pattern here.
It's a very easy design and I found it to be quite useful to practise embroidery stitches on :)

Close up of the different stitches

The stitches I used are (from left to right):
- Hungarian braided chain stitch
- Chain stitch
- Stem stitch
- Back stitch
The red and purple ovals were done in satin stitch

(Edit: Another way to do a chain stitch (which I find easier to do), can be found here. This site is called Sublime Stitching, and is great too. Very fresh and modern-looking.)

All these links lead to the wonderful site, Needle 'n Thread, of the even more wonderful Mary Corbet (and no, she is not paying me to say that lol). If you're unfamiliar with her and her tutorials, and love embroidery, boy, are you in for a treat! :)
And if you already know how to do every single embroidery stitch known to man, there's loads of eye candy to drool over as well.
So go forth and enjoy :)


  1. Very nice piece. I need to learn to make the two chain stitches that you used and I've never been any good at the satin stitch. Nice to see you using your own patterns. :)

    1. Thank you, Kate :)
      There's another way to do the regular chain stitch, but I didn't see it on the Needle 'n Thread site. I think the other way is easier, so I'll see if I can find another source and put it in a post.
      Hmm, yes, satin stitch... as you can see I'm rather rubbish at it myself lol. But I really like the look of them when done right, so I hope I'll get better at it eventually (hope springs eternally, right?) ;)

    2. I found a link to that other chain stitch and edited this post (I'm sooo lazy...).
      I hope you'll enjoy this stitch as much as I do :)