Misleading picture ahead...

They're about 10x10 centimetres small and they look like pincushions, but they're actually cushions to go with my Tonner dolls. I thought I had made a pattern for the one with the diamond shapes too, but I can't find it anywhere (or perhaps I never made one to begin with...)
As you'll notice the (pin)cushions are slightly different than the patterns, it's really easy to mix&match with different colours. The black lines on the patterns isn't stitching by the way (although you can use an outline stitch if you like of course...), they are just there to make things easier to see.
So whichever you decide to use these patterns for, be it pincushions, miniature cushions or pillows for your pet rat, have fun making them! :)  

free cross stitch pattern
55x55 stitches (click image to enlarge)
free cross stitch pattern
53x53 stitches (click image to enlarge)