Happy New Year and welcome!

Wishing you good health, good fortune and to be surrounded by people you love.
Now for the tricky part; explaining what this blog will be about...
The one thing I'm (pretty) sure of, is that it will be about crafty stuff.
Which crafty stuff exactly remains to be seen, but it's likely there will at least be some patterns for knitting, embroidery and crochet.
Oh, and I've recently started taking pattern-drafting classes so I'll probably will be sharing the results of those with you as well.
Other than that your guess is as good as mine, there is so much fun stuff to choose from, who knows, I might even throw in some recipes for good measure ; )
I hope I'll be able to post often, and more importantly, that what I'll post is useful to you all.
Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon!

With kind regards,