Imaginesque Pictures Are Now Pinnable! :)

You probably know those pictures that have the "Pin it" option show up when you move your mouse over them, right? A very handy option, but I had no idea how to do add it to mine, because tech-savvy I am not...
Planning to look for information on it soon(ish), I came across it when visiting a quilt blog to find out about batting (go figure...).
A lovely dutch lady has written a post explaining how to go about it, and she made it so easy to understand that even I managed to get it right in one go! :D
So now all my pictures are all nice and pinnable :)
Want to try it for yourself? Her blog is called "Phebe and Jane" and the post can be found here. And if you're a quilt lover you'll want to visit there regardless ;)
If your dutch is a  bit rusty and your browser doesn't automatically translate blogs to your own language, don't worry; you'll find a translator gadget at the right side of the blog.
Have fun making your pics pinnable :)

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