Quilt Block Pattern With Templates

Quite different from what I normally post, but at least it's a pattern ;)
This pattern was made specifically for English paper piecing, but I've added templates of the pieces with seam allowance as well, which may also be useful to cut the fabric for EPP as economical as possible.
I haven't been able to print this one out yet, so fingers crossed the seam allowances are actually half a centimetre... (if you print it out at 100% it should be fine though)
As always click any image to enlarge and have fun :)
Oh, and if you have any questions or find any mistakes feel free to use the comment box.

free quilt block pattern templatesfree quilt block pattern templates

free quilt block pattern templates
One block measures
24 cm
(from top to bottom)

free quilt block pattern templates
All the pieces needed for one block,
this will fit on one sheet of A4 paper.
If your printer can handle it you could consider using slightly thicker paper (and if you decide to try this, please make sure it can!!!).
If you'd rather play it safe you can print it out on regular paper and then glue it onto either another sheet of regular paper or a sturdier variety.
Some variations:

free quilt block pattern templates

free quilt block pattern templates

free quilt block pattern templates
free quilt block pattern templates

It's also possible to combine these blocks with solid hexagons:

free quilt block pattern templates

Hmm, I guess that means I should add a template for those as well...
Here you go, although I'm afraid it's only half a template ( otherwise it won't fit onto your printer paper).

free quilt block pattern templates
Oops, I nearly forgot about the templates with added seam allowance...
free quilt block pattern templates


  1. This is a really pretty pattern! I was just saying to a friend that I've been seeing paper-pieced patchwork hexagons everywhere lately, and this is such a neat twist on that trend! I'm not a quilter, but this is something I'd love to try in the future :)

    1. Thank you, that's so kind of you to say! Don't tell anyone, but I'm not really a quilter myself lol
      So far all I've made is a dollhouse-sized (paper-pieced) quilt (though that was a looooong time ago), and I helped my mum put together a paper-pieced star for Christmas last year.
      But I'm afraid lack of experience with a craft has never stopped me from trying to make patterns for it ;)