Blackwork Floral Biscornu Pincushion Pattern Variation

This is a variation on yesterday's pattern, have fun :)
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floral free blackwork biscornu pincushion pattern
Single Element
(could also be used to decorate a corner)
17x17 stitches

floral free blackwork biscornu pincushion pattern
Biscornu Pincushion Pattern
35x35 stitches


  1. Bonjour
    I created a variation on your pattern, just a little smaller and simpler to fit as a back of my little hummingbird porte-bonheur.
    I hope you don't mind I posted my version on my blog. You are welcome to have a look!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Bonjour Manuèle,
      What a lovely good-luck-charm, you did a great job!
      Feel free to post as many versions on your blog as you like, I'm totally fine with that.
      Thank YOU for sharing, and I hope the hummingbird brings you lots of "bonheur" :)