Coptic Stitch Sketchbook

I just finished this small sketchbook :)

coptic stitch sketchbook
Please click picture for larger image
I found some more of the paper that I used for the Twin Sized Pads, which was left over from a previous "project". Since I have a hard time throwing things out, even scraps of paper (or scraps of anything for that matter...), I figured this would be a good opportunity to practise a bookbinding technique, called the Coptic Stitch. This is the second time I've tried that stitch and I think I must be improving, because at least now the cover will lie flat, as opposed to the first one:

coptic stitch sketchbook
Tiny book doing a Pac-Man impersonation
Getting the right tension is tricky...
Now, none of this is very noteworthy, but I suddenly realised that all the materials I used are either recycled or bought at flea markets, even the glue and the yarn.
It's great to make useful stuff out of what otherwise might have ended up in the skip :)
Should you like to try the Coptic Stitch yourself, here's a link to a tutorial

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