Blackwork Flower Fill Pattern

Enjoy :)

free blackwork flower fill pattern
Single flower
14x14 stitches
(please click to enlarge)

free blackwork flower fill pattern
Flower fill pattern
(please click to enlarge)


  1. Hi CJ,

    Thank you so much for your blog, it is so inspiring. I am an artist and have been playing around with embroidering on paper. I would like to get your permission to use some of your designs on my drawings on some one off artworks for an upcoming exhibition.
    I am very happy to include an acknowledgment to you.

    Looking forward to your reply,


    1. Hi Sana,

      I'm terribly sorry I wasn't able to reply sooner, I hope it hasn't ruined your exhibition :(

      Yes, by all means, please use the patterns for your work, I'm flattered you think they are good enough :)

      An acknowledgment is very sweet of you (though not strictly necessary...), but what I would really love is to see pictures of the end result.

      Again, I'm really sorry for being so late, but maybe you can use them for another exhibition?

      Best of luck and with kind regards,